A thought..

I have just talked about our weeks holiday in Gusbus and the time we enjoyed in Hinderwell.


Whilst we stayed, something happened which made us sit back and think how fortunate we are, we have just moved house to a new home we both love to bits, have Gusbus and Major where we can head off at leisure and a loving family all around us.

At the end of the road in Hinderwell, where a side road heads up to Port Mulgrave is a bus stop and what could be an old farm having some work carried out, we walked past, waited for the bus and hopped off the bus outside the farmhouse. On the Wednesday, we walked past the house to find four police vehicles and an ambulance with paramedics in attendance, we thought it may have been one of the workmen having an accident at work. How different was the event.

It turned out a guy in his late 20’s / early 30’s took his life and hung himself. It shocked us and saddened us somewhat, we could not imagine what the poor chap was going through.

I guess the point of these few words is to say that no matter how bad things are, talk to someone, ask for help.



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