It all started back in 2007 driving down the M50 towards Monmouth and on towards Wales. We passed a loaded up, lime green bay heading in the same direction, we was sold on one there and then!

September 2008 and Gusbus, our 1973 Kombi came to live with us, he was all over white with no interior. A long makeover and he’s now yellow and grey with an oak interior and matching grey trim.


In February 2011, Major the 1977 Westfalia came to live with us, he came all the way from Santa Cruz and maintained his originality along with full service history.


The joys of Campervans?

Owning an old Volkswagen Campervan is enjoyable and the friends we have made over the years have brought us some real memories with friends made far and wide. That said, without these classic vehicles, would our paths have crossed and the friendships made? Who knows!

Gusbus and Major are both high maintenance and require some tlc and looking after, neither of them are spring chickens. However, they do get looked after and as a result, we comfortably carry on with our adventures!


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