Bagfest 2019

There was a rumbling going on, whispers, deep thoughts, all down in The Delta, The Bagthorpe Delta none the less, the heart of it all lies in The Dixies Arms.


Bagfest is a weekend of Folk, Amercana and Country music with the occasional Spontaneous Folk gathering bursting into song, and kick into song it did! By 11pm the whole marquee had erupted into song after song, led by a great wealth of talent, Terry on the drum, Martin G on fiddle, Al, Martin C and Steve encouraging one and all to join in. We even had the Ukaladies play an impromtu session up in the camping field.

What a way to start Bagfest!

With a line up looking a bit like this:

1300 Steve Chase
1350 The (below) Average White Band
1440 Ichabod Wolf
1530 Borderland Folk

1700 Ben Smith
1750 Sassy Dogs
1850 Ryan Farmer
2000 Lawrence County

Indoor Stage:
2100 Matt Hill
2215 Lucky Strikes

the frivolities could continue and continue they did despite the rain and “imminent risk of electrocution and death”. Up in the camping field we heard Steve do his set and I wandered down to meet Phil & catch The (below) Average White Band do a very easy to listen to set.


Our old friends Borderland Folk started off with what promised to be a good set for them to be rained inside the pub…well it would be rude not to!


The Sassy Dogs concentrating on delivering a cracking set


We’ve only seen Lawrence County a few times and each time they have not failed to impress us so Bagfest had us with high expectations and despite technical issues, they delivered an excellent mix of old and new songs!


Mr G concentrating on his superb fiddling!

Following up was a local lad, Matt Hill / Quiet Loner, who we hadn’t seen before and again, he did a good set getting the crowd jigging along!


Closing the evening down was a band from Southend on Sea, Lucky Strikes, the bar had been set high, whiskey had been flowing very well and what a belter they played. The guys thoroughly enjoyed their set, it was obvious from the beginning.


Hats off to them, they had their work cut out and did a fine show of it, a worthy band to close Bagfest!


What a great festival Bagfest turned out to be despite the rain we experienced all week and some thanks need to go out. First to a lady called Julie F who kindly let me use some of her images in the blog..thank you!

Thanks also go to Al and everyone involved in Bagfest for making it a great little gathering with some excellent talent and making us both welcome at The Dixies Arms.

“Hoist up the John B sail’s
See how the mainsail sets
Send for the Captain ashore
And let me go home
I wanna go home, I wanna go home, yeah
‘Cause I feel so broke up, I wanna go home
Yes I do
(He’s so broke up, Lord, I wanna go home)”