Bus Stopover VW Show

One of the best VW Shows around was Bus Stopover when it was small and held in Wymeswold in Leicestershire. The show was held on a farm on the outskirts of the village, had a superb atmosphere with a brilliant line up of music during the course of the weekend!

One of the highlights was The Battle of the Bays; http://www.Earlybay.com v http://www.thelatebay.com – both forum had a line up with judges awarding winning best bays and best line up with prizes.

The show was always one to look forward to, always well attended and you could guarantee lots of laughs with a great bunch of friends


The last Bus Stopover held in Wymeswold was back in 2011, we had such a laugh with Hailfrank, Nige & Kathy, Bob & Jan, Carl & Stacey and the other guys & gals off the forum.

We miss this show, its still going well but, with all things, its grown somewhat & is now held at Newark Showground. To me its lost its appeal and we no longer attend. One thing the show did do was to attract some of the best VW’s around with them on display in the show n shine

2011’s show also saw the appearance of Trev the Tree; which was a Christmas tree Peter bought off one of the show traders. What the hell!! It was duly decorated with forum cards and paraded around the main show tent (alchohol may have been consumed) for all to see. However, Pete duly offended the Club 80-90 forum who promptly set Trev on fire 😦