Dubfreeze is one of the kick-starter shows on the UK show calendar, Ive never been before so I thought I’d head over and see what it was all about. Michelle wasn’t bothered as it was too cold for her.

The Latebay had a damn good turn out with Dazza organising a club pitch, Bern, Dunc, Mike, Steve, Graham, Poptop Malc and Byron & Dominic in their restored bay. Dog, Phil and Matt turned up later on making it a great night.


It was good to catch up with everyone, I missed out on quite a lot last year as I was finishing off my degree and later on we moved house. This year we are going to try and make up for lost time.

Anyway, Dubfreeze more than made up for its name, it was bloody cold, a damn good fire warmed us all up (unless you was drinking Malc’s Whisky and you didn’t need the fire). We had a right laugh, was especially good to see Dog, its been far too long since we last saw him. Dazza took some Hooch as he called it, which was quite dangerous as it burned rather well and the ferociousness of it on the fire took his eyebrows off 🙂

Byron took his newly restored ex German Emergency Services bus along, its superb:

The show itself was a bit of a poor do, £12 for what took me twenty mins to get around..twice. There was a nice selection of Golf’s on show, the quality of the early ones was excellent. However, that was about it, not all that many aircooled VW’s on show, which was disappointing.

All in all, it was a brilliant night with good friends!