Elemental VW Show

One of the best, most chilled out VW shows was Elemental when it was held at Mountfitchet, Stanstead. The show had a really nice, relaxed vibe to it, was not too large which made for a great weekend, thelatebay met up there for a number of years.

Elemental 5 (2010) was the first one we attended, we met a lot of the TLB lot, Hailfrank, Birdy, Nick, Big Rich, Jo (VW Olive) and Baggy to name a few.

2011 was an equally a good show, the forum displayed a wide selection of buses, the weather was great and some cracking bands made the weekend memorable.

Elemental 7 held in 2012 ended up being the last time we went down to the show, the venue changed and the show got larger, it was further away too. However, the line up we put on ended up having sixteen bays on display, with Sandybay, Birdy, Mike, Majorhangovers, Mark & Bridgett with Skeeter, Hailfrank and Oscar included.

As always, it was a brilliant laugh, the fire pits roared with warmth and the beer flowed well 🙂

I don’t know what happened to Elemental, whether its still around or no longer put on, I’ve not seen it advertised on TLB, it certainly was a proper grass roots show which supported the Air Ambulance. It would be a shame if it had gone away as the organisation was great, very well run!