On the Farm? May 2012

At the end of May 2012 a couple of our friends, Mark and Bridgette arranged a get together at Gedney Hill near Spalding, aka TLB on the Farm. It panned out to be a great weekend, Mark n Bridge arranged us parking around the orchard with a couple of bands playing on the Saturday night.

The weather was superb, very sunny and hot making the event well attended – even Dog made a rare appearance! The Notts crew, aka the Morks & the Lowie’s, Woody and the Donnie Crew, the Humberside lot, Bry, Shel, Keelan and Evan and Alan & Tina. The Peterborough/Cambridge bunch, Hailfrank, Zed, Bob & Jan with Oscar & family and Jo coming from Oxford with Paley’s coverin’t Brighouse!

Its a pity this was a one off event but who knows what will happen in the future. It would be good if a “On the Farm” reunion took place, catch up with everyone, see how everyone is and all that!