The Three Horseshoes, Goulceby Lincs

Easter 2017 was the first one in six years where we have camped by ourselves, so we thought about trying somewhere new.

The Three Horseshoes in Goulceby, Lincs was the choice. Loved it!


The campsite overlooked stunning scenery, the facilities kept clean and tidy and the pub, superb food, nice selection of beers and wines all with a friendly welcome! We were made to feel welcome throughout the weekend.

The village itself has strong Viking connections, Kolkr the Viking settled in the area and one of the walks in the wolds is the Viking Way. We walked 3 1/2 miles enjoying every part of it, stunning scenery all the way.

We did stumble across some very old churches and forgotten graveyards.

Lots of little streams and duck ponds..

Some baby calves


All in all, a very enjoyable weekend, thanks to Geoff for inviting us to the pub quiz, that was a laugh.

We will definitely return and explore the area some more!