TLB Spring Camp 2013; Dent


Well Easter 2013 came and saw most of Britain covered in a good layer of snow, so what do the guys & gals on thelatebay do, we head off to Dent for a long weekend camp. So with that said, me, Chelle & Ellie met Lowie and headed off to Doncaster to meet Woody, Lou and Adam & Amanda & the family.

All was well till we decided to nip across the Coal Road down to Dent when we hit 4ft snow we laughed!!!


After our short interlude we got back on track, headed over to High Laning, met up with Paradox & Jonno and their Travis and set up camp for the next four days surrounded by the splendour of Dent!


The following day more of the TLB crew arrived in the form of Lord Congi, Carlot25, Bern & Jen, Zoe & Jon, Bugcatcher Phil, Duncan, Tiny-Pie, Andy, Debbie, Millie and Eleanor, Ermintrude Mark and Silver with his family. We did have the emergency services in attendance as John popped along in his ex Maltese Ambulance, aka SickBay!


What a superb turnout, some great memories made, what an adventure! We enjoyed the beauty of the area, found the Dent Vampire, Mr Hodgson, enjoyed some great company and this weekend left us with a fond liking for the village of Dent!

If ever the chance arises to head that way, I urge you the reader to grab that chance, call Margaret and get over there, you’ll not regret it!



Our journey home took us past Ribblehead Viaduct, so we sneakily nipped down the track for a few photos!