TLB Summer Camps

2011 Lyme Regis

Going back a few years to 2011 and TLB organised a Summer Camp down in Lyme Regis, we needed no excuse to head down there for the weekend! Leaving Nottinghamshire, we took the scenic route via the Fosse Way and stumbled upon this old girl:


RAF Nimrod XV249 was on her (in fact the whole Nimrod fleet’s) final flight at the Cotswolds Airport, she was one of 51 Squadron’s R1’s. Our Richard has flown around the world on her, he was Flight Lieutenant on 51 Sqdrn at RAF Waddington on the Nimrods. Anyway, we saw it as a sign that he was watching over us on our journey 🙂 RIP Chief.

So, down to Lyme Regis we headed and met up with the rest of the TLB bunch.


An excellent turnout, the camping field was on the outskirts of Lyme Regis, that said, it didn’t stop the beer flowing, fire pits lit and Birdy providing the music. Rich & Jen set up cocktail roulette..dont ask 😀

Sore heads prevailed on the Saturday morning, nothing unusual there and after a proper fry up, we all had a mass cruise down to Charmouth Bay for the afternoon.

We’ve never been down to that part of Dorset before, the scenery is superb and to explore a little further, a group of us headed further down the cost to Sidmouth. Morris Dancing appeared to be the hobby of choice down there!

To round up the weekend, cheers everyone!


2012 The Bell Inn nr Frome

The Bell in at Buckland near Frome, what can be said apart from Moonshine. Do not drink that stuff, its evil, four of us had a half each and it was game over. Aside to that, the pub was great and had the opening of the 2012 Olympic Games on!


This weekend was more relaxed and time was spent unwinding rather than exploring, there was a good turnout, it was great spending time with old friends, the locals thought us quakers!

One or two more headed over later on the Saturday and Pete made the epic journey from Frome (town)!

The rest of Saturday evening was spent relaxing by the campfire, few beers, laughs and NO Moonshine


Happy Days!