Waterside Farm, Edale; May 2016


May bank holiday weekend and what better way to spend it than over in the stunning scenery surrounding Waterside Farm, Edale in the Peak District. It was Alan & Tina’s first camp with their new Brazilian 15 window splitty called Carlos. Al, Tina, Bry, Shel and the boys in their splitty called Bob met us on the Friday night for a weekend of relaxation, laughter and a beer or three!


The weather was hot, we all got nicely coloured as we didn’t have shelter from the sun. Close by is The Ramblers Inn and a bit further into Edale, The Old Nags Head. Both pubs served a very nice pint and good food too.

Ste, Tina, Kelsey and Thor joined us on the Saturday; it was rude not to have a stroll to the pub for a pint or two! BBQ’s soon got lit and the smell of cooking drifted around the campsite, perfect!


Sunday afternoon soon came around, we had the Monday off which meant we could stay the sunday night, still the sun shone so we had a steady walk to pub for a very nice meal, few drinks and both the Ramblers and the Nags Head, got so close to owning a Border Collie called Loki!


And then there was us!


Edale is set in such stunning, relaxing scenery, we cannot wait to head back..and back we did head!

Roll on May Bank Holiday weekend and Michelle / myself, Ste & Tina and Alan & Tina booked ourselves in with Mrs. Cooper to have a well deserved catch up.

The weather was great…until saturday teatime, luckily we all caught some relaxation in the sun.

The sunset over Kinder was amazing whilst looking towards Mam Tor caught the full sun as it set. Views like that make Derbyshire special!

Waterside Farm is a small campsite with a relaxed atmosphere and firepits are allowed so long as its charcoal being burnt, old school style! Perfect for having a good laugh, a few beers with the fire crackling away..whats not to like!

Around Edale you will find lots of places to walk, Kinder Scout, Mam Tor and lots more besides, for me, I had a wander with my camera and ended up down at a small river which flowed close to Barber Booth.

We didnt see Jarvis Cocker on our travels, apparently he lives close by The Old Nags Head pub, maybe next time!


I think we can safely say we will head back, don’t know when but for me, I would love to walk to the top of Kinder Scout so who knows.